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The 10 Best Flirty Beauty Ideas



All you need is the right mascara. Start by curling your lashes. Gently pinch lashes at the roots and then move along the length, making pulse-like squeezes as you go. Apply mascara by wiggling the wand back and forth at the roots to deposit as much of it as possible before pulling the wand straight up. To make lashes look long and separated, apply three coats of mascara—but comb through the mascara while it’s still wet with a clean, dry spooley brush.


Exfoliate: Slather on a lip balm with a touch of alpha hydroxy acid. Then moisturize: apply a creamy balm. Avoid waxy formulas (their ingredients may not penetrate) as well as anything heavily flavoured or fragranced (which can make chapping even worse). Add color: Try a tinted balm or, if these are too tame, check out our favourite long-wearing lip colors.


Exfoliate once or twice a week with an at-home peel containing glycolic, alpha hydroxy, or salicylic acid. After the first peel, your skin will look shinier and more taut, and after four weeks, it’ll look even better. For normal skin: use a one-step salicylic or glycolic acid peel and for oily or combination skin: choose peels meant to be used every day.

fragrance-beauty-febAPPLY FRAGRANCE LIKE A PRO

Spritz fragrance on your pulse points, which give off heat and release the scent: your wrists, inner elbows, temples, neck hollow, behind the ears, and behind the knees. Apply no more than two drops of perfume, three sprays of eau de parfum, and four hits of eau de toilette. And since, over time, you become desensitized to the smell of a fragrance, resist the urge to pile it on, and stick to the amount you used when you first wore the fragrance.


Choose a razor with five blades, like the Gillette Venus Razor. Once you’re in the shower or bath, wait three minutes for warm water to soften hair. Instead of soap (it clogs your razor), use a shaving cream or gel (it creates a smooth barrier between your skin and the blades). In a pinch, hair conditioner or a creamy body wash can work.
For legs: Start above the ankle and work upward in six-inch sections. Rinse the razor between each stroke. To get your knees and ankles, pull the skin taut with one hand and glide the razor with the other.
For underarms: Shave at different angles, since the hair grows every which way. Move the blade upward, then down, then across, rinsing it clean and relathering between strokes.


Don’t underestimate how good blush can make you look. A cream formula looks the most natural, goes on sheer, and is easy to blend. To find your best shade, gently pinch your cheeks and match the blush to the colour you get.


For smooth, glowing skin all over, switch from your normal lotion and apply a lightly fragranced body oil.


In the winter, when skin tends to be dry and dull, less foundation is definitely more. Your face will look much more awake if you can still see your skin. Try a creamy formula with light-reflecting particles. Apply it with your fingers, so it can melt into the skin.


There is nothing romantic about getting a bikini wax. But here’s how to make the best of it:
Book it: Your hair has to be long enough—about a quarter-inch—for wax to work. Book your appointment accordingly, about every two to four weeks.
Prep your skin: For the closest wax, exfoliate with a body wash containing salicylic acid before your appointment, but don’t apply any lotion.
Manage the pain: Pop a pain killer an hour before your wax. Ask the waxer to tackle small areas at a time. And if you get red bumps afterward, apply aloe lotion or hydrocortisone cream.


The skin on your chest and cleavage has few oil glands and is more susceptible to brown spots. It also happens to be more sensitive, so while your favorite anti-aging cream will work, use it here just twice a week. Plan on showing a little skin? Sweep an illuminating body powder over your collarbones.