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With the world moving at a rapid pace, it is sometimes hard to track your expenses and not over-indulgence. You experience the gravity of the situation only much later when your finances go out of whack. Here are 10 tips to save money.

Date With Money

Once a week sit down with your money records and observe the expenses for a stipulated review period. Once reviewed, update your budget and track your progress against your financial goals. Like any relationship in life, you must spend ‘optimum’ time with money to improve your financial life.

Planning Your Weekly Meals

While uncertain get-togethers and parties cannot be ruled out, planning meals for the ensuing week will definitely save you money as research shows dining out is the number one expense for most households. In hindsight, eating at home will result in saving money along with saving on tax and tips.

Potluck Hosting

While having scores of friends has its benefits, it will lead to numerous birthday parties and lunch dates resulting in spending more money. Friendship groups are switching to hosting a potluck where the members can bring their own choice of food leaving the pain of paying more money on tax, tips,
parking, etc.

Coffee at Home

With scores of coffee shops opened at every nook and corner of the city, it is tempting to visit the grandeur of the stores to sip a warm cup of coffee. Although the coffee you drink at home may not resemble the cappuccino from your nearby barista, living this approach more times than not will save money eventually.

Work More

You will notice that the more you work, the less time you will have to spend money on other indulgences. Utilise your free time, occupying yourself in other income-bearing opportunities.

Self-Beauty Treatments

Most women dedicate a certain slice of their income in pampering themselves via spas, pedicures, massages etc. With the existence of various online information related to the same, research at-home treatments and save money via home therapy.

Handmade Gifts

Celebrating birthdays and anniversaries in a lavish manner entails gifts of a similar nature. Most receivers of such gifts will appreciate the thought behind the gift more than anything. Hence, spending time at making handmade gifts will not only save you precious money but will also enhance your reputation.

Quality over Quantity

Selecting budget-friendly items for your closet and other needs could be tempting, choosing quality products could save money for the long term. Save money to purchase good quality products and leverage the cost-per-use philosophy.

Balance Fear of Missing Out with You Only Live Once

People often opine that you live in the present and soak up every precious moment in life. However, it is important time and again to keep check and balance not yielding to the temptation of saying ‘yes’ to everything.

Mapping Financial Goals

If you have a financial goal in mind, stick to it and map out how much you need and also by when. This will map your requirements every week or month in order to reach your ultimate goal.

By Vivek Risal