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14 new things to do in the month of LOVE

Valentine ’s Day was once an ancient Roman festival called Lupercalia which was a fertility celebration commemorated annually on February 15. Today this holiday is ruled by love and consumerism. However, with this new found love, it is time for new traditions on Valentine’s Day …one that promotes self love and well- being.

1. Make it a day about yourself

Starting this Valentine’s Day, committed or single, make it a day about yourself. If you are unsure of what that means, start by asking important questions such as “What makes me happy?” and if you are committed “What would we both enjoy?”, instead of the latter which would be “what do others want from me?”. It is important to be happy first before spreading the joy to others. Asking questions also sets you off on a journey where you understand yourself better and find endless possibilities.

2. Make it a day to choose

Starting your morning by choosing happiness creates mindfulness, you are more cautious about your thoughts and actions. Many of us entertain toxic thoughts throughout the day, and an intention will let you focus on positives and leave things that could drain you physically and emotionally.

3. Focus on being alone and not loneliness

You feel lonely when you stop enjoying your own company. Try being alone with your thoughts, meditation or perhaps a leisurely meal alone… Creativity expert and the author of Artist Way Julia Cameron suggests that people need weekly artist dates to remove creative block. It can be a trip alone or even a small stroll in the neighbourhood.

4. Learn to de- stress

Cultivating happiness has been somewhat troubling for people these days. Increasing levels of stress has caused many of us to feel depressed and stressful. During such moments engage in activities that calm you down best. Recent favourites are adult colouring books, meditation, and yoga.

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5. Give back

Giving back can give you a sense of purpose; it can also help you reflect on your life and actions. According to the report titled The health benefits of volunteering, it was found that those who gave support had greater physical and emotion health, with adults who volunteer showing lower signs of dementia and depression.

6. Do not stress ‘Self love’

There are some who still struggle with this idea of ‘self love’. We have insecurities and issues that still need solving. Not being able to preach self- love when social media is buzzing with it could cause you to feel guilty. Stop and pause, know that you do not need to feel good about yourself 100 percent of the time. Also, loving yourself is a process which you cultivate and learn over time. Take your time, no one is judging.

7. Start something that you always wanted to do but never did

We dream of things we want to do and then never come around to doing it. Maybe you wanted to learn a new dance move, or start a fitness routine. For this month of love, make a commitment and follow through.

8. Let go

All of us have been wronged in the past by someone close to us. However, harnessing hate for someone will amount to nothing; instead it will be a huge obstacle when it comes to picking up the pieces and moving on. It may even invite mental health issues. Try to focus on what is important and forgive to let go and move on.

9. Be grateful

Count your blessings and appreciate the things you have. It could be as simple as your breath or like aforementioned, perhaps your ability to forgive someone. One of the key elements of happiness is being grateful for life. Studies have shown people who practise writing what they are grateful for had increasing levels of happiness and productivity. So, start making your list!

10. Do something challenging

To have a tangible thing to be proud of is always great for your mind when you are in doubt. Try something challenging that scares you such as rock climbing or sign up for a hike. Get the body juices flowing and heart pumping, the end results will be worth it! Also, the feeling of achievement is a good confidence booster.

11. Do not sweat the small stuff

Perfection is what social media and consumerism feeds on and pressures the rest of us to have a ‘perfect life’. Know that reality is quite messy and beautiful just like the face you make when you watch puppy videos. Tiny arguments and bad days are part of life, so look at the bigger picture and move forward.

12. Do something you used to love doing as a child

Children are happy because they are without inhibitions or fear. They are the real superheroes; imagine how liberating that would be? Tap into your inner child, run in the wind, laugh until your stomach hurts or dance until your feet hurt. Be a child with your child if needed!

13. Love ‘you’ not the idea of ‘you’

How many of us have been working daily to be an idea of ourselves? Thoughts such as “I will be happy in the next five years”, “I will be happier when I am thinner or prettier” are way too common. While, you ponder about these thoughts, sometimes life passes you by. Therefore, start loving yourself in the present because confidence in the present makes your future.

14. Use social media to empower you

Social media if used correctly can empower you in numerous ways. It could be a platform to connect with inspiring people around the globe, learn new things or simply uplift your mood. For instance: YouTube is an excellent provider of empowering content. Cut the comparing and start learning from the brilliant people on social media like Nick Vujicic, and Ellen DeGeneres to name a few.