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Text by: Mannat Shrestha

wow photo file © Ram Tandukar

Nidhee Rana has sparkling eyes and fire in her soul. She is the Founder and proprietor of The Empress, a jewellery store, that specialises in fashion jewellery, imitation jewellery and semi-precious jewellery. A beautiful woman who knows her mind, Nidhee shares what makes her life beautiful.

What are you currently busy with?

Lately, I’ve been very busy travelling and exploring places to expand my business

What do you love about your work?

I love what I hate about my work: competition

What makes a person beautiful?

Character and discipline

What makes you beautiful?

No matter where I am standing or may stand in the future, I’ll always make sure that I don’t let myself get carried away by pride

What tickles your funny bones?

I can never get enough of the comedy reality TV show Just for Laughs

Favourite comedian

Jim Parsons

What makes you smile


The best therapy for happiness…

Balance is the key to success and happiness. If you learn to balance every aspect of life, happiness follows itself. If there is misbalance in one area, all areas can get equally affected; it’s like a domino effect

Current perfume

Laya by Ne’emah

I am addicted to

Music. Good music always cheers me up!

On my wish-list

To visit Italy

I stay fit by

Regular exercise and controlling my diet. I make sure that I have dinner before 7.30 pm

Best year of my life

2012. This was the year I started my jewellery brand: The Empress

Latest splurge

My watch


I follow a regular day and night regime. I never go out without sunscreen. I avoid alcohol


My Bose QC35 headphones

Style Icon

Marilyn Monroe

Always in my handbag


Life advice

Be determined and make something out of your life, so that when you are older and look back, you can be proud of yourself

Favourite holiday destination


I always struggle with

Pushing myself to work out every morning

The best thing about being me

I am a very far-sighted person

Makeup… can’t do without

Lipstick. Even if you’re not wearing any makeup, one lipstick is enough to brighten your entire face

Favourite makeup brand

Fenty Beauty

Three things I do to look my absolute best

Dress up, makeup and put a smile on my face

On a bad hair day

I take the entire hair on top and make a bun; it looks really cool

One tip I learnt that makes me photo-ready

Stay fit