WOW | Musical Conversation

Text: Anushka Shrestha

Sushant KC has mesmerised audiences with his songs: Aama, Maya ma, and Timile among many others. On a short visit home from Australia, WOW caught up with the young artist to learn about his passion for music.

What made you venture into music?

Since my childhood I have been passionate about music and singing. I have been posting my music on YouTube which is a great platform for self-taught musicians such as myself. Over the years people loved my work and I was able to garner a good fan following.

Which song is the closest to your heart?

I have always had difficulty choosing between Aama and Muskurayera as both these tracks are my personal favourites. Aama is a song that I have dedicated to all mothers who have dedicated their lives to their children.

Whereas in Muskurayera, I was inspired by my friend’s story. I think many people can relate to this track.

What do you think of the Nepali music industry?

The best part about the industry is getting loved and support from so many people, it is certainly encouraging. However, I also see many talented artists not getting the exposure that they deserve.

What has been your biggest challenge in pursuing music?

One of the challenges that I face is time management and balancing responsibilities. Since I am also a student, it gets tough to balance time between my musical career and academics.

What’s in the pipeline?

There are few tracks that are in the pipeline. If things fall into place, I’ll be releasing two music videos really soon. One of them is a song titled Sathi, which is my favourite creation so far.

What motivates you?

My family is really supportive about my music career, this has kept me going.

Message to your fans…

Stay beautiful, keep supporting, not just me but all the musicians who are striving to make a mark. And, most importantly DO WHAT YOU LOVE!

Favourite instrument
Favourite song
Sunday morning love you by Bhim Niraula
If not a musician…
I would be a cricketer or basketball player