WOW | Ed Page

When things go wrong as they sometimes will, what you do is the measure of all that you are as a person. There are moments in everyone’s life that will challenge you, bring you down on your knees and take you by storm… your response is what will hold you, help you and ultimately heal you.

When things go out of plan such as you lose your job, are diagnosed with a disease, lose someone you love, go through a breakup, are cheated or betrayed, the immediate reaction is: why me? Dealing with a bad situation, you go through shock, denial, pain, guilt, anger, blame, among many other conflicting emotions. But the sooner you accept that it is what it is, you will be able to focus on overcoming the situation, however bad.

This is the time to ask yourself who you are…what are you made of… what are you really made of…and who and what is important to you. Life is a continuous succession of good and bad moments… what is, is. Just like everyone else, I have had my share of ups and downs… but when things go really bad, I have learnt to take a step back, breathe and understand what is the worst that could possibly happen, and this understanding always opens up my perspective. When you are aware and can accept the worst outcome, you are prepared to deal with things with calm in your heart.

I have also come to understand that stuff happens – however prepared or unprepared you may be – and while it isn’t easy, all of us have it in us to be strong. I have learnt never to compromise on my integrity, to lower my standards or to quit. Ultimately what’s more important is what’s inside than what’s outside.

Every day is a gift. Life is extraordinary, its magical. The ability to keep your sense of wonder and to be touched by the beauty of life is something no person should ever lose. Life’s not perfect, but it’s good… no matter how bad things get, it’s still good. Ask this to a person who is fighting for his life, who would do anything for just one day of being healthy and independent.

Life is here and now. I am thankful for all the wonderful people in my life who make it so meaningful. I live with deepest gratitude for the gift of today. I don’t pray for an easier life; I know I am not alone in this journey and I know I am strong. I practice living with awareness and compassion. The biggest prayer for me is an act of kindness.