WOW | Ed Page

Uncertainty, unpredictability, unknown…

Uncertainty, unpredictability, unknown… all words we associated with adventure has suddenly become life’s new norm. While countries and life as we know it has come to standstill, new ways of thinking and doing have begun to evolve.For many of us this change has not been easy. Many among us crave the comfort of doing things a certain way, the freedom – the ability to walk out of the door and head where the road calls, work, family and friends, travel… all the things that we built over years of our lives.

Many among us fear the virus, the fact that it transfers so easily, the fact that our medical systems are not prepared or know enough, and that so many seemingly alright people have succumbed to it, alone. This fear often arising not so much for oneself but the need to protect family.

Some of us have distances that we cannot cover with loved ones miles and miles away. Everyday calls that were okay yesterday suddenly inadequate when you think that you cannot be there for them should they need you.

Schools shut down, shops closed, clinics, movie theatres, gyms, restaurants, flights, galleries, taxis all closed. The angst of business owners who think about how will they now pay rent, loans, salaries… and will their life’s work still be relevant post Covid19.

Change is the only constant in life, we said, but were we truly prepared for change. Did we ever think that the homes we built would one day become a space of confinement. Did we ever think that a hug could be life threatening contagious. And what if tomorrow the internet were to disappear… a virtual connection lost in space.

We say we abused the earth. We accumulated too much. We were greedy and irresponsible in our choices. But if and when the pandemic is over, will we really change. Will we be prepared to live with less yet more meaningful things and relationships. Will we understand life differently. Will we learn the power of integrity, humility, compassion and gratitude.

It’s easy to say: use this time to reflect, learn and meditate when this possibility is distanced from those who do not have a full meal a day, those who are scattered and displaced, for those who have no money or work to see tomorrow can be different. I say: listen to your heart.

Reach out to those you can. Make a small difference – it’s always possible. Kindness is the only religion says the Dalai Lama. At this time, I believe it’s the only truth.