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2017 a year of introspection

What makes relationships strong? Is love really unconditional? Why do people hurt each other? Does time heal? Is betrayal necessary? Why do we mourn those we have lost… and why can’t we appreciate what is? Is it important to always have an opinion? Why do we measure success in wealth, fame and looks? Why do we accumulate what we do not need? Why do fear failure? Why don’t we follow our hearts?coffee-ed

2017 is a year of introspection in many ways and an opportunity to rethink life’s values and goals. Introspection is often a rare quality… especially today when we have hardened ourselves to look away or push aside what really matters to us… or put it on a to do list in a tomorrow that is not promised to us. It is an opportunity to look at yourself and live with self awareness.

Each of our lives are stories that are waiting to be heard and felt. It is important that we make every moment count, not for someone else but for ourselves. We are after all defined by what we do and don’t do. The writer Emerson once wrote, “In the mind of geniuses we find, once more, our own neglected thoughts”. Our journeys have been made so much better because someone somewhere really thought about the little and the not so little things that make life easier, more compelling and beautiful. It could be the car we ride or the song that makes us cry, it could be a star lit night or the view of the mountains up close in the sky.

Every moment we are making choices, but to who are you really listening? Are you heeding your inner voice or the voice of others… of society, spouse, boss, the internet? Always remember your best guidance will always come from within. Realise who and what is influencing your decisions. Ask yourself if you are settling for something or doing what really matters?

Introspection will help you discover the reality of your choices and what is really holding you back? It may also lead you to learn that you are way better than you think you are. We are so deeply invested in our lives the way it is that change can feel threatening. But evolving also means learning how to communicate through silent hurts, unmet expectations and unspoken needs… and still come out stronger. It will also mean doing work that is truly fulfilling… and navigating the dark without losing belief in the goodness of others. It’s about being a little more human.

In 2017, I wish all WOW readers a journey within.