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3 designers to know about this summer

It’s an exciting time for fashionistas as the latest summer collections from our top-notch home-grown designers hit the runway. Sachitra Gurung talks to Daljit Sudan, Tenzin Tseten Bhutia and Manish Rai to find out more.

Daljit Sudan

What does your collection ‘Magic of Zaffran’ reflect?

My collections are mostly nature inspired with a deep spiritual meaning to it. I like to play around with colours, motifs and embroideries within the same theme. As the name suggests my latest collection is inspired by the Zaffran flower, also known as saffron. I am really attracted by its unique colour composition and spiritual element. The colour palette of my collection is dominated by shades of purple, orange and yellow which reflects the hues of the zaffran flower.

What is the one unique aesthetic of your collection?

The hand embroidery in my outfits are very detailed and unique. Most of the aari and tilla work in the outfits were done by artisans in Srinagar, Kashmir whereas the detailing is done by the local artisans in Kathmandu.

What’s your one favourite look in this collection?

The Daura Surwal was one of my favourite outfits from this collection. I added my own creative take on Darua Surwal. I believe it has an interesting appeal.

How has your brand evolved over time?

Over the years, there has been a radical change in how people appreciate the love for details and handwork which is precisely what my work is all about. Everyone wants their outfit to look unique and special which I accomplish through special detailing and embroideries.

Where can we check out your collection?

All my outfits are available at my studio in Maharajgunj. There is only one piece of each outfit and I usually only do custom orders so that the designs don’t clash. The prices start from Rs 8000.

Tenzing Tseten Bhutia

What is your spring/summer collection all about?

As summer is all about flowers, the biggest inspiration for my latest collection is flora and fauna. Nature is the most giving element in our life and it’s something we need to preserve and appreciate and that is what my collection is all about. Spring/Summer is always dominated by light and bright colours so I have used a lot of pink and blue. I have used very different prints in the fabrics and some traditional embroidery in the summer bride collection. Also, the crop top is something which never goes out of style especially during summers. So, instead of a blouse, I have mostly worked with crop tops.

How do you plan your collections?

Initially, after taking inspiration, I do my research. Then I work on the wearability and creativity aspect. Finally I go find the perfect material. Sometimes it works the other way round as well.

How has your brand evolved over time?

I believe in experimenting with different looks over time, and I will keep doing this as long as my brand exists. Not only have people started appreciating the wearability of my designs but they are also getting more interested to know what’s in store next.

Who is your muse?

My muse totally depends on the achievement of the person; beauty is a plus point. It keeps changing. The person I totally adore at the moment is Priyanka Chopra for her great fashion sense recently at the Met Gala. Also, Rihanna definitely tops my chart.

Where can we check out your collection?

My store is located at Basundhara but since I normally deal online, one can follow me on my Facebook or Instagram: tenzintsetenbhutia.

Manish Rai

How do you plan your collections?

I often take inspiration from old photographs and general life. I rarely sketch as I am very accustomed to visualising the design in my head. I have to feel the fabrics before I start any collection.

What is the inspiration behind your latest collection?

My recent collection is inspired by my mother. I have grown up watching her drape sarees of different fabrics such silk, tissue, tulle etc. So I have incorporated different draping techniques in this collection.

A favourite from your new collection…

It would be the silver saree which has been draped differently from the rest.

How has your brand evolved over time?

I would not use the term changed but yes it has grown since I begun. I would say it’s a long journey where we are learning new things each passing day.

Where can we check out your collection?

One can follow me on Instagram: