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Samridhi Rana

Project Head – Health & Rehabilitation, Bihani Social Venture
Age: 31


What is the importance of marriage in a woman’s life?

Marriage, whether in a man or woman’s life, appears to have equal meaning and it is constructed according to how you have been brought up or from your expectations of what you have seen around you. It is a social sanction that is given for two individuals to belong together – the rest is in their hands to make it the way they want.

Why have you chosen to stay single?

My parents encourage us – son and daughters – equally to pursue the power of independence through academia or employment more than pursuing marriage. I am fortunate to be enjoying my pursuit of both. Getting married is also considered important in our family but I must feel ready for it in many senses. And the ‘magic’ of feeling ready has not happened yet. Many married folks tell me though that no one is ever ready – when it has to happen, it will!

What are the traits you look for in a life partner?

Ambitious (can be unemployed when we meet at first but should have a sense of purpose), humility, similar family values, AND there are a few more…

Best thing about being single…

I can eat how much I want, when I want and where I want.
I can go anywhere and change my destination whenever I want; the same art exhibition for the tenth time or explore Patan or the streets of Sydney at my own pace, interest and liking
I am able to meet or interact with as many interesting people as I want.

Does society treat women differently when they’re single in their 30s?

In our society, yes, I have noticed more pressure being put on a girl to get married or being questioned for her choice of staying single – however, personally I have been lucky not to have such pressure from my family.

Do women find it harder to find a life partner as they grow older?

It is stereotyped in our society that as women grow older, it may or rather ‘will’ become harder to find a ‘match’ but ask different women and you might find surprising results. If you ask me, my experience is no, I have not felt that it gets harder as I grow older. I continue to get complimented and get asked for my phone number. If you feel empowered as a woman, have goals to achieve ahead of you, then you have a very good reason not to feel there are no more possibilities at any age. Life functions in context to the environment. Social participation usually helps.