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Sangita Manandhar

Verisk Information Technologies
Age: 34


What is the importance of marriage in a woman’s life?

Frankly speaking, marriage is not the most important aspect of a woman’s life. It is equally important to any other relationship that a woman has with her birth.

Why have you chosen to stay single?

I am not ready to take on extra responsibilities that come along with marriage. I am right now enjoying my freedom and very satisfied with my lifestyle. (laughs)

What are the traits you look for in a life partner?

I believe we should not just look for traits in a life partner but of the immediate family as well. In our culture, we live in joint families, hence family members should also be understanding and ready to compromise and change their lifestyle a little(if required).

Best thing about being single…

You have time for yourself.
You can concentrate on your professional life which demands a lot of time.

Does society treat women differently when they’re single in their 30s?

Yes, but in a positive manner. They start to accept that you are single and living a happy life. I feel like they have stopped pursuing us for marriage.

Do women find it harder to find a life partner as they grow older?

If you analyse the world today, finding a life partner is hard for all age groups as you need to consider multiple aspects like family background, education, profession, personality and compatibility.

Does the fun stop after you cross your 30s?

Definitely NOT. Fun might stop for married ones as they have additional responsibilities after marriage and children. But for singles, age is just a number.

Is 30s really the new 20s?

30s is the time when you reach a level at work or you are financially and professionally stable and now have all the time you need for yourself. Hence, you can say that 30s is the new 20s. Time is very precious and one should not be spending life on rules and regulation set by others. And neither should you be always thinking about how others perceive you. Follow your heart and live happily. Life is all about choices. And each choice has positive and negative consequences, one should understand both and choose a way of living that gives you lots of happiness.