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Shreeti Pradhan

Clinical Music Therapist, Theater Artist/ Singer/ Songwriter
AGE: 30


What is the importance of marriage in a woman’s life?

I think marriage is a matter of preference, for any gender. Some might want to get married earlier, some might feel like waiting a little longer or some might want to remain single and so on. These are different choices and each one of them might serve a different purpose to people’s lives. Rather than pointing out just on the importance of marriage in a woman’s life, I feel it is important for both genders to track down the expectations and realistic values that the wedded state may offer because marriage is a bond that you and your partner nurture over time.

Why have you chosen to stay single?

Being brought up in Nepali society, it is fair enough to say that we are expected to settle down in marriage as soon as we set foot in our 20s, but I think such commitments need a fair amount of clarity and vision. Taking the time to provide oneself with an opportunity to practise self worth can help us see a pathway to understand the interdependent nature of marriage. Also, even after we meet the right person, it takes awhile to know one another better. So, I think the prescribed right-age to get married varies from society to society, and it is more a matter of mindset.

What are the traits you look for in a life partner?

In a healthy bond, both the partners grow together, learn to understand and nourish each other. In this way, the traits develop as a process. So, there isn’t any set of traits as such that I particularly look for. For example, even though we might assume looking at the references, it would not be possible to tell exactly what shape of leaves, branches or fruits a seed will later come to bear; the point is to keep the plant watered and let it grow.

Does society treat women differently when they’re single in their 30s?

The question cannot be very generic, because even within a society there are many variables and perspectives that different people hold. I have felt that our society is more open to accept the changes now compared to what it was even a decade back. I personally do not think this should be an issue as it is a very individual choice of when one would like to get married.

Do women find it harder to find a life partner as they grow older?

In my opinion, age has got nothing to do with finding a life partner. It’s about how ready one is to commit to a relationship.

Does the fun stop after you cross your 30s?

It certainly does not. It’s possible to have fun at any age, if you allow yourself. Also, if both people in a relationship are open to the acceptance of each other’s strengths and weaknesses, I think it makes it easier to connect, engage and have fun.