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8 Best Beauty Trends In 2018

Trends come and go, but the way to make sure that you never look dated is to make them work for you. That might mean skipping some trends entirely, toning them down from what you’d see on the runway, or taking a risk and jumping with both feet in to experiment with something new.

Here’s a list of what’s new for 2018, and what’s still going strong from 2017. Maybe some of these will inspire you to change your look, give it a fresh start or break all the rules.

Bold Lips and Eyes Continue To Be Strong

In 2017, eyes and lips received the bold treatment: strong liners, full lashes, and full lips. That strong look will remain popular in 2018 too. You look healthier when you have big, open eyes and lips. We all have had trends that make us all look like fashion victims, but this look will always be young and fresh. You don’t have to go all out to do it, either. Try bold eyeliner paired with soft, simple lips. Swipe coloured mascara on the bottom lashes. In the day, a bold eye might work; at night, when you’re feeling more adventurous, doing both bold eyes and lips might be fun and daring.

Skin Is Hydrated and Dewy — Not Matte

For a time, matte skin was in. Not for long. A lot of women are complaining about how the matte trend is drying everyone out, especially in winter when skin is already parched. 2018 is all dewiness and moisture. Not only can jumping on this trend help you avoid possible dryness and flakiness, but a well-hydrated complexion boasts plumper-looking skin, smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles. Opt for crème or gel highlighters for a dose of a youthful glow, and shy away from powders, which will only accentuate dryness.

Shoulder-Length ‘Lobs’ Are In Style

The “lob,” or long bob, is going to continue to be big. When you bring it up above the shoulder, you get volume on top and it’s a lot easier to blow-dry. The only catch is that, ideally, you’d go back into the salon to get the shape freshened up every six weeks. The upshot: Once you know how, it’s easy to style it yourself at home.

The Blunt Bob Is Also Here

A bit of a twist on the lob is the blunt bob. Though it may recall the ’90s, the new bob is above the shoulders and is all one length. The straight cut makes hair look thicker. If you want to give it a truly modern twist, ask your stylist to “notch” into your ends and finish up with a razor to soften the edges.

Textured Hair, Like Beachy Waves, Will Stick Around

Beachy waves, which have followed the ombre hair colour trend for a couple years, will still reign. You can get this carefree texture at home with a curling iron, but you may just have to try a new, different technique than you’re used to. You need to take a mental break from the instinct to curl the ends in. For beach waves, they need to swing in and out. Grab the middle strand of your hair with the curling iron, turn 1.5 times, then release. Repeat with each strand. The great news about this style is that you don’t have to do it perfectly, making it way easier to master.

Complexions Will Be Glowy and Light-Reflective

The bold, strong look may be in, but so is light-reflective, glowy skin. Glowing skin sprinkled with extraterrestrial fairy dust and clean, polished skin complemented with diamond-studded eyes are so in. You may not want to go quite that far and those looks are probably not wearable for the average person anyway, but you can achieve a subtler effect with highlighters, glittery nail polish, and glossy shadows. Unless you work in a creative industry, save the shimmer and glitter for nighttime!

Color Melts Are In

Rather than going for typical highlights, ask your colourist for color melts, which are highlights that blend into your base color. Think darker on top and fading lighter towards the ends. The goal here is to add shades of colour, lending locks a sun-kissed look. It’s especially wearable if you’re also amping up texture with beachy waves.

Nail Art With Dynamic Geometric Designs Are Big

Get ready to flash an impressive mani this year. It’s not enough to have one colour donning your nails, now you need varied colours — and multiple designs. Geometric nails are one of the top trends for 2018, according to Pinterest, which recently unveiled their top 100 forecast in beauty, health, and lifestyle categories. Think black and white, geometric lines, negative space nails, and nail art. Get ready for your nails to be your canvas for the ultimate in self-expression!