WOW | Coffee Break

A certain type of woman


Manager, Jayanti Memorial Trust


Too bad that your boyfriend wants you to look a certain way, when you are the other way (he is not the only boy on the planet), too bad that the husband slept throughout his wedding procession not realising that the woman he is marrying is not a screen goddess (his inadequacies), too bad that the boss assumes you are not up for a project because of your motherhood (your child is worth zillion such projects) AND too bad that there is not one mirror that can show us our soul (a fact we cannot ignore).SO WHAT ARE WE WOMEN TO DO ABOUT IT? The huge baggage of stress and pressure we carry around with ourselves is our own choice. The feeling of inadequacy is the manifestation of our low confidence and ignorance about our self worth. We subject ourselves to constant pressure to be a certain type, which of course is unwarranted. We all know life is all about compromises and changes, but it should not and does not imply that all compromises and changes from your end that makes you unhappy have to be made. Of course if you are happy to change from your original self to a clone of somebody else, it’s an individual choice and the question of constant pressure should have no room. The day we women opt out from participating in the rat race of trying to prove ourselves and seek validation from our boyfriend or husband or boss or even the mirror, will be the day of awakening for all of us. That is the day when we have come to terms with ourselves and have accepted that we are with unique strengths and weaknesses. At the end of the day, LADIES, we can only do as much we can, the rest is not our failure or our inadequacy. It proves we are human and not human robots. Love yourself, celebrate your extra pound, motherhood, great strands, etc, realise your worth, seek no external validation and give love selflessly but settle for nothing short.