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A pop of colours

To brighten up your summer, WOW presents eye-popping colourful looks by some of the most talented make-up artists in the industry.

Compiled by: Anushka Shrestha
wow photo file © Ram Tandukar/ Gokul Shrees

Mystical hues
Ankita Shrestha


Always start the makeup by moisturising the face. Then apply a primer that suits the skin type. Proceed by applying foundation. Then dab some concealer to cover any pigmentation or marks, make sure to blend it properly. Here, I have concluded the base makeup by applying some baby oil for a shiny finish.


I started off by applying an eye-shadow base to ensure that the makeup lasts for a longer time. Then, I have applied cream based eyeshadow over the base followed by bright coloured eye-shadows such as yellow, orange, pink to blend the whole look together. However, I wanted the brows to be really simple so I have only used brow gel.


 Like skin, it is very important to moisturise the lips. After moisturising, I have smudged some cream based lipstick.

Tips on how to choose colours for vibrant makeup:

1. Always opt for shades of pink, yellow, orange or turquoise.

2. It is very important to figure out if the makeup is just for the eyes or the whole face; choose the colours wisely.

3. If the makeup is for the entire face, it would give best if you go with neon colours.

Model: Ruchi Shrestha

Ankita Shrestha is a certified makeup artist, who did her training from SMA, Thailand. She is currently working as a freelancer.

Eyes like Ocean
Sakchhi Maskey


I started off by preparing the skin with a heavy moisturiser. As the model has some pigmentation on her face, I used camouflage concealer for correction. The base was already thick, so, I used a light foundation. I mostly try to use cream products including the blush and illuminator. Cream products are most likely to move throughout the day, especially in the summer. I have set the T zone by a light powder. Similarly, I applied blush and highlighter and finished the look with light contouring.


For eyes, I started with the brows giving her full, bushy soap brows. I have filled the gaps using a brow gel. Then, I prepped the eyes using an eye primer. I used a base colour and slowly built the transition colour for which I used emerald green eye-shadow. I used individual lashes to lift her natural eyelashes


I mixed two saturated colours for an ombre effect and topped it off with a lip gloss.

Tips on summer skincare

1. Make sure to use SPF with PA ++ because UV protection is more important than SPF.

2. Since pores get clogged easily during summer make sure to cleanse your face and use toner.

3. Any regime with lemon and aloe vera should be your favourite during the summer.

4. While winter skin is dryer, summer skin is dehydrated even if you’re oily or sweaty. So, make sure to moisture well at night. Try using Hyaluronic acid, this will plump and hydrate your skin.

5. Make sure to use different kinds of face mask once a week.

6. Using ice packs every morning will help soothe your skin and tighten the pores.

Model: Shiwangi Dhakal

In a short period of time, Sakchhi Maskey has already established herself as one of the most praised makeup artists in the country. The self-taught makeup artist is working at The Exhibit and also taking on freelance projects.

Monochromatic Yellow
Shreeja Shrestha


 As the model’s skin is quite dry, I started off by cleansing the face to remove the dead skin. Thereafter I have applied rosewater to make the skin smooth and supple. I applied moisturiser followed by a hydrating primer. After which I applied an illuminator to give the dewy effect. I have used a high coverage foundation followed by concealer. The concealer is one shade lighter than the actual skin-tone to highlight the model’s facial features. Again, to contour her face I applied more concealer, this time two shades darker than the natural skin-tone blending it with a beauty blender. I applied dark yellow eye-shadow as blush and contourer, stroking it from the cheekbones to temples. To lock the base, I used a powder in rolling and dabbing motion. Lastly, I applied some liquid highlighter on the high points of the face and set it with powder highlighter. I used white eyeliner to create the dots which lends an artistic vibe to the whole look.


I firstly shaped and filled her brows. For eye-shadow, I used a dark shade of yellow and blended it with a lighter shade of yellow in circular motions. Then I have used a liquid highlighter after which I set it with a powder highlight on the brow-bones and inner corner of the eyes. I completed the eye look by applying some mascara and topping it off with lashes.


As the look was inspired by the sun, I just added a light pink lip gloss to contrast with the shades of yellow.

Tips for long-lasting makeup

1. The most important thing to do for long-lasting makeup is skincare. So, the makeup will automatically last long if you follow a proper skincare regime before applying makeup.

2. Always use setting spray right after using primer, application of foundation and completing the whole makeup. This will not only make your makeup last long but will also create a dewy effect and will avoid the makeup from looking cakey and untidy.

3. Always set the base makeup using a powder in rolling or dabbing motions so that it pushes the powder into the skin and set your face in such a way that the products don’t move.

Model: Mahima Shrestha

Shreeja Shrestha is an aspiring makeup artist who has an undying passion for her work. She is currently conducting makeup classes at her studio and works as a freelancer.