WOW | Men Speak

A woman who has had a major role in how you view the world?

Compiled by: Pabita Dahal

Atulya Pandey
Chief Operating Officer, Pagevamp

It is difficult to name one person. I have been lucky to be surrounded by a lot of amazing women. My mother, aunts, grandmothers, sisters, friends and teachers, who have all have continuously helped to shape my perspective with their unique ways of viewing the world. Additionally, while growing up, I have seen women in my family being equal participants in family discussions, challenging conventional norms and being strong enough to take stand for their opinions. Considering the traditional setting of Nepal, I do not need to tell you how much courage and confidence that requires (still does in some situations). So, seeing their courage and strength, I have derived a lot of strength, which always guides me not to give up.

It is the women in my life who continue to inspire me to do everything with EFGHHL (a term coined by my Uncle) – Empathy, Forgiveness, Giving, Honesty, Humour, and Love. I have seen the women in my life practice all of these virtues and for me, they are my role models. Particularly, my sister continues to point out the male privileges I have been brought up in. When she notices something, she points it out. This has helped me in understanding how our society functions and become aware of the privileges of being a man. Because of this, I have been able to become a better human being.