WOW | Men Speak

A woman who has had a major role in how you view the world?

Compiled by: Pabita Dahal

Ishan Raj Onta
Advocate, Kantipur Law Associates

 It is tough to point out a particular woman. Obviously, we inherit most of the knowledge from our family as did I. I have learnt a lot of norms, values, family principles, life lessons from my mother and elder sister. All the small things… like the instruction they give, the way they talk to others, and their response to situations  have automatically helped shape my views. More than that, I believe in everyday learning. I get inspired by a lot of people around me. I encounter different personalities at work while playing music and socialising. I am often engaged in a diverse crowd of both men and women and always look for inspiration on how they make their lives vibrant and stress free.