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A woman’s style extends well beyond her clothes

Starting her love for fashion at an early age, Rakshya Shahi turned a hobby into career after pursuing an advanced diploma in fashion designing. Recently, Rakshya’s designs turned heads at a celebrated fashion event in the capital with her ethnic and modern fusion wear.


Your inspiration…

Some people go to the extremes to find inspiration. Because I am observant by nature, I get inspired by the people around me. My almost photographic memory allows me to extract information from films, books and people.


Working in a creative field such as designing you need to have immense confidence in your work. There are a lot of risks and sometimes it is important to take them so that you can differentiate yourself and earn credibility in the industry. With so much pressure, often the challenges I face are within me, to not second guess myself and to move forward.

What is thought behind your designs?

I like to play with classic old pieces and turn them into a fusion of mastery. In a day and age of modernity, I want to preserve the timeless feel of vintage designs.

How are your designs different?

I feel that as designers we need to be trendsetters, not followers. A lot of the time, designers have an insight into the fashion industry that a common person does not. We need to bring these visions to life and not shy away from the uniqueness we can bring into the industry. We create, so people can enjoy. Hence, why restrict the creative process?

How does a woman’s style speak of her personality?

A woman’s style extends well beyond her clothes, it can be found in her confidence, in the way she wears the lines on her face beautifully, or someone who has an appetite for both carbs and laugher. What you are in the inside reflects on the out side, so much so that even your style carries the same persona.

Your views on the Nepal fashion industry

Nepal’s fashion market is booming with incredible designers and people who are now more fashion conscious. People have started to understand the implication of fashion on their lives in terms of being presentable, confident and beautiful.

What’s your favourite element in design?

Different cuts, unique embroidery, motifs and patterns.