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A movie or song that best describes your life…

Aabiskar Shrestha
Photographer/PR Officer & Administrator, Dreams & Ideas

The song that best describes my life would be “Here Comes The Sun” by the Beatles. Like everyone else, I have gone through times where things didn’t seem to be in my favour… been through tough times. But, who I am today is because of my optimistic view towards life. No matter how tough the times might be, I have always kept it in my mind that one day happiness will gently shine. After the gloomy weather, the sun will delicately shine through the clouds. We all have our winter moments that never seem to end. Whether these moments occur only in winter or not, the sun is always there hiding behind the clouds.  In times of sadness, grief, anger, frustration, instead of searching for it, we seem to forget that the sun is always there. Allow the sun back into your life. Slowly but very surely, the warmth and the light will guide us.