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Would You Take Your Wife’s Last Name?

Abeeral Thapa
Writer/ Principal, Polygon College of Mass Communication & Journalism

First of all I want to make it clear that it is not compulsory for my future wife to keep my last name. If you delve into our roots, you will find that the tradition of changing surname after marriage is the by-product of a patriarchal society. Till now, in almost all societies throughout the world men take their bride home after marriage and own his wife as private property. Previously it would have been family pressure and legal problems to keep the husband’s surname but now society and laws are liberal.

Even now I noticed in social media that women change their surname immediately after marriage in most cases. But I don’t think that the new family and husband compel them to do so. It’s a woman’s personal choice to retain her last name, change it, or keep both.

Finally to address your concern, I am happy with my own surname but I would consider keeping both surnames if social traditions change and women also start to take their groom home.