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When men react violently to shame women…

Abeeral Thapa
Principal, Polygon College of Mass Communication & Journalism

We live in a patriarchal society where men are brought up to believe that they are the stronger gender. They are taught not to show their weakness and relate to the world through dominance and control. Therefore, in times of conflict or crisis, some men express their anger and frustration by abusing or shaming women. Research shows that men who are mentally ill involve in domestic violence and harassment. It is the social structure and individual’s psychological state that has made men react violently to shame women.

In some cases men show violence due to sexual dissatisfaction. The next matter is due to economic power held by male members of the family. He tries to dominate every decision. Patriarchal society does not allow women to take lead roles in major decisions. If women try to oppose or put their view while taking decisions, men’s ego get hurt and he immediately reacts to it.

But I strongly believe that nothing can justify violence against women. Men who commit such crime must be punished strictly. Most importantly, from an early age boys and girls should be taught equally about household chores so that they feel they are equal.