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Fight for this love

Abhilasha Sharma
Dog Trainer and Behaviourist

How did you develop A love for animals?
My mother was an animal lover so I grew up surrounded by animals. She was my main inspiration, she always taught me to respect and love animals. I initially began training dogs in the neighbourhood, it made me realise my ability to bond and communicate with pets. Right now my pet Jake has become a major part of my life.

Do you think animals are being treated well, compared to the past?
Sadly we still neglect many issues regarding animal welfare. I feel that we have somehow convinced ourselves with the ideology that misery is a part of an animal’s life. We lack proper animal welfare laws and hence, many innocent animals are suffering due to this. People are yet to understand that animals are a part of our society. They have as much right as us to live in peace.

“The biggest issue is lack of knowledge and awareness”

What should be done to improve or solve the problems?
The biggest issue is lack of knowledge and awareness. Young kids, need to be taught to respect and show kindness towards animals. In fact, I am planning to introduce a school level program to educate young children regarding animal welfare.

Do you think animals think? Or they even dream?
Yes, animals are fully capable of emotions. Of course, they have different ways of expressing it. For instance, cats and dogs enjoy being around humans. On the other hand, wild animals should not be taken away from their natural habitat.

Your message to animal lovers
Always speak up if you witness anyone abusing an animal. Please try to feed stray animals whenever possible.