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WOW annual list of eligible bachelors 2016

Abhisekh Maskey

Age: 26
Location: Kathmandu
Job Title/Profession: Interim CEO, Ebeema/ Brand and Relationship Officer, King’s College/ Left Brain – Educator, Empowerment Academy
Zodiac: Libra
Twitter: @abhisekhmaskey
Instagram: @abhisekh_maskey

Just the right amount of good looks, seriousness and charm, this Libran is straight forward in his approach to life. He is passionate about his work, enjoys the little things in life and is a romantic at heart.



What attracts you to a woman?

I get attracted to her personality and that doesn’t necessarily mean just the way she looks or how she acts in public. I get attracted to her ability to have good meaningful conversations with me and others. Knowing she doesn’t respect others is a turn-off for me.

Three things a woman should know about you:

  • I don’t have time for drama not just because I am busy most of the times but also because I am lazy.
  • I hate coriander
  • I prefer text to phone calls.

On a romantic date, you…

I wouldn’t want to go for a movie or a fancy dinner. An ideal romantic date for me would be a 12 hour one. It starts with breakfast in the morning and ends with dinner. In between we would have visited different places, gone on a ride and may be get some work done (eg. shopping for home, buying books, or just browsing at window displays). I believe a romantic date should feel like home, very natural yet romantic.

Relationship fear

Possessive, insecure and money-minded girlfriend

Baffling woman behaviour

I will be ready in 5 minutes. I am fine if you say you need 45 minutes. That’s normal and I am fine with that. Don’t say 5 minutes and make me wait.
Me: “Where do you want to go?”
Her: “Anywhere you want.”
Me: “Korean Food?”
Her: “Except that”
Me: “Pizza?”
Her: “Not in a Pizza Mood”
Me: “Then tell me where do you want to go?”
Her: “Anywhere you want”

How do you show a woman that you are interested in her?

  • Text Messages, a lot of text messages.
  • I am usually not too busy for her.
  • A lot of likes on her photos.

Ideal age to settle down

29 – 32

You know you are in love when

I know I am in love when I don’t let go of any opportunity to meet her. I am in love when I get excited to see her name on my phone (text or call). I stalk her Facebook, Twitter, Instagram whenever I get time.