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Compiled by: Anushka Shrestha
wow photo file © Ram Tandukar/Gokul Shrees/Sabina Mainali

Jessica Richards
Yoga Teacher

I’ll be honest in saying that this is not a topic that has ever crossed my mind; we’ve come so far forward in society in regards to talking about this issue from a female perspective. Thinking about the situations we’ve been in, I’ve never thought to think about males being in a similar situation and how it affects them. I have never witnessed it happen, I know of friends who have shared that a woman touched them while dancing at a club when they weren’t “asking” for it. At that time, I guess we tend to respond with, “Oh you didn’t enjoy it?” or “Don’t you want women hitting on you?”

Of course, this is a stereotype we have created about men and something that needs to change. We as women don’t want to be “touched” unwillingly, so why would men want that? It’s hard to say whether men are safe because this can be on so many levels. I think one of main concern would be men’s mental health. I think so because men don’t feel comfortable talking about such issues. They tend to internalise it which can build up and lead to a variety of problems. We as women have become a lot more confident in this era to speak up about these issues, we find it easier to confide with our friends and I think that is where men tend to lack. It’s the stereotypes of what a man should be and how they should react that we need to change as a society to move forward and so that everyone, male and female can feel safe and comfortable to talk about such topics.