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Compiled by: Anushka Shrestha
wow photo file © Ram Tandukar/Gokul Shrees/Sabina Mainali

Prof Dr Meera Bista
ENT-HN Surgery, Kathmandu Medical College

Though male molestation is not very openly discussed compared to females we cannot turn a blind eye to it. I think male child should be equally protected as girls. They might be equally vulnerable. Male molestation is the outcome of diseased mind, I guess.

“Males should be strong” and “Boys should not cry” – This notion in our society should be condemned and they should express their problems and sorrows to their peers or parents. I personally think a country needs a good mother not law to settle this problem of molestations and rapes. Every child should be reared in such a way that they are taught how to respect others and earn respect from others. They should have the virtue of differentiating good deeds from bad ones. It should be shown to them by words and deeds.