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How important is it to maintain SELF-IDENTITY in a relationship?

Adarsh Man Singh
Restaurateur, Level 3/ Prive

I believe a healthy relationship should be a fine balance between togetherness and individuality. It is very important to maintain your sense of self and not lose yourself in a relationship especially if you want it to last because if you can’t see who you are outside the relationship then I am afraid it borders towards co-dependency and that is usually riddled with trust issues and may not stand the test of time.

Love can be a wonderful thing but you losing identity in it only does harm to the relationship and your self esteem. It’s also worth thinking about that the more self aware and well rounded you become as a person the better you can understand and accept your partner as another complete and complex person. Ultimately, it should help you have more empathy and understanding so that you can see a relationship for what it is and start building on a solid foundation. After all, the person you both fell in love with in the first place should still be there.