WOW | Life's Beautiful

Alize Biannic

Alize Biannic

Founder/Artistic Director at SOLIS
Performing Arts

Life is beautiful because…
It is unpredictable; a never ending horizon.

The best year of my life
Acting and dancing in the movie— Mademoiselle Bessy, la force d'un destin when I was 11 years old; filming in L'Opera Garnier in Paris was one of the best moments of my life.

The most beautiful person in my life
My mother. She always puts others needs before hers and I love that about her.

The secret behind my glow
Good food, sun and peace of mind.

Happiness is…
Even little things make me happy. For instance every morning I see this old woman washing her clothes. We always exchange a smile and she has one of the happiest smiles I have ever seen (even without a single tooth).

Definition of beauty
Beauty comes from our character. A woman or a man's beauty is defined by his/her strength, dignity and confidence.

La Petite Robe Noire’s by Guerlain

Style icons
Christian Dior and Coco Chanel.

Most expensive item in my closet
A Chanel dress.

I am addicted to
French Cheese.

Clay cataplasms are an absolute must.

On my wish-list
I wish for a proper opera house in Kathmandu.

I love Manolo Blahnik's collection, he never fails to impress.

Oldest item in my closet
I have this blouse, which was actually my dress when I was seven years old.

iPhone , simply can't do without it.

Always in my handbag
Lipstick, water bottle, and perfume.

Most loved possession
My body. I quote—"You can strip me of my wealth, my belongings, render me bankrupt, homeless, but as long as I have this body, I know I can, and will, rise from the ashes."

Last book I read
Le Rouge et le Noir, a historical psychological novel by Stendhal.

Three must have's in a woman's closet
A classic blazer, a pair of nice jeans and of courses a little black dress.

In 2018 I plan to…
Go on tour with Solis Performing Arts, and perform in Europe during the summers.