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Alka Rai

Alka Rai was a student of law when she decided to pursue a career in modeling along with her study. She hasn’t looked back since. The 24 year old is also a Zumba Instructor and mentors upcoming models through workshops.

She entered the field in 2012 and was the Face of Nepal 2016 at a modeling contest held in South Korea.

Describe yourself in 3 words
Jolly, caring and hardworking

Your biggest strength
My biggest strength is my open-mindedness

Fashion is…
Fashion is what you buy

Your life goal
I think my ultimate goal in life would be just to be happy and make every moment the best

You are happiest when…
Cuddling with my man, there’s no better pleasure than that!

You are secretly afraid of…

Style Vs Trend
Style is timeless

Life is…