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Text: Anushka Shrestha
Photos: Ram Tandukar

23-year-old, Simran Silpakar is the Co-Founder of Astitwa Nepal, an NGO dedicated to supporting and rehabilitating burn survivors resulting from violence, accidents, homicide and attempted suicide. Astitwa Nepal works with survivors through four different programs: education scholarship, medical and counseling support, skill-based training and awareness programs.
Simran also works as a Content Creator of a company named “Timro” which is an academic platform for existing and aspiring entrepreneurs and a hub for Nepali local brands. She is part of the Country Team of Fashion Revolution, a global movement calling for a fairer, safer, cleaner, the more transparent fashion industry and on the Board of Directors of a Nepali brand, Danfe Works. Currently, she is pursuing a Masters’ degree in Conflict, Peace, and Development Studies from Tribhuvan University.

Three words to describe you

Workaholic, nerd and organised

What do you love about your work

I love all my involvements and I make sure to do it with full determination. I meet people from diverse background and every time, I learn something. Be it a world politics, gender equality, world market, ethical fashion, climate change, music and so on.

What makes a person beautiful


What makes you beautiful


What makes life beautiful


What tickles your funny bones

Animal videos

Therapy for happiness…

Spending time with mom

Current perfume

Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker

You are addicted to

Cleaning and organising

On your wish list

– Conscious consumerism: no buy until I really need it
– Read at least 25 books in 2020
– Meditate

You stay fit by

Drinking a lot of water

Latest splurge

Books and food


Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser or Assure Neem Nourishing and Moisturizing Soap, Lotus herbals Youth RX Toner, Himalaya Herbals Moisturiser, Revlon Colorstay concealer and a lot of water.


Samsung M40

Always in your handbag:

Charger, planner, notebooks, my emergency kit: general medicines, handiplast, tissue, sanitary napkin, sanitiser, lotion and two chapsticks in case I misplace one, and a lotion.

What do you do to unwind?

Good cup of tea alone or with a friend

Favorite holiday destination


You always struggle with

Spending time at home

Make up… can’t do without

Mascara. Rimmel London Scandal Eyes Mascara has been my absolute favourite.

Things you absolutely do to look my best

Good outfit and confidence

One tip to make you photo ready


Guilty pleasure

Fried food

You can’t do without…

Masala tea and lip balm