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Alluring – Anisha Shahi

She started her career as a model year ago and has since made a strong impact on the fashion scene with many assignments and shows coming her way. Anisha Shahi is a student, foodie, enjoys swimming, singing and dancing, and has a passionate interest in fashion photography

What are some qualities that best define you?

Loving, passionate and humble

Fitness mantra

I don’t have one but I love walking.

Your strength

My family

You are happiest when

I am shopping

Three skin and beauty products you can’t do without?

Banana Boat Sunscreen SPF 30, NYX Lingerie Lip Colour in Nude and Sleek Highlighter

What’s more important: money or following your heart?

Following your heart as it is the only way to be happy and happiness means a better life which money can’t buy. As a matter of fact, when one does what s/he loves, it makes them financially stable too.

Your life inspiration…

My older sister

How do you deal with failure?

I analyse what went wrong and try to overcome it. I always learn from my mistakes.

Life motto

To be happy, independent and be able to help others.


The best part of your day is…
Spending quality time with my loved ones!

Some of your favourite things…
Sketches drawn by my boyfriend!, My ink pen and my thick woollen socks to “lump around”.

What makes a man attractive?
A man that has purpose and manners, can fix things and take care of his family.

What makes a woman ugly?
Woman without COMPASSION!

Life motto
If it feels good … do it, don’t regret it.

On the cover: Anisha Shahi
Photographer: Raj Bhai Suwal
Wardrobe: ALISHA’s Creations
Accessories: PANACHE runway, Mercantile Plaza, 2nd floor, call: 014229896
Make-up & hair by: Sizi Thapa
Co-ordinate by: sonu/rojina