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Always Evolving

WOW catches up with young and talented artist Michelle at Synthesis Art Exhibition 2018. In a short rendezvous, she talks about her journey and the power of creativity.

How did your journey in the arts begin?

I have been fortunate enough to grow up in an environment that is surrounded by art, art enthusiasts and different types of artists. Since my childhood I have been constantly exposed and encouraged to learn different forms of art. I think this has led to my curiosity about arts and a desire to continue it. I never went to a university but chose to work and learn on my own as I met different people and learnt about the different techniques. I’d say this is just a starting point for my journey.

What’s next for you?

I believe one is constantly evolving and changing. When I look at the progression of things that I have created, I see a gradual change as I have been constantly learning something new. We never stop evolving because we never stop learning so there is still to see what’s next for me.

How much time do you give to your art?

I don’t know how to answer this question completely as for me different forms of art have become an integral part of my daily life, so it doesn’t feel like I am giving any time at all. However, if I have to be specific when it comes to creating an entirely new piece or working on an old work, I’d say at least a few hours daily if possible.

What inspires you to embark upon a specific project?

A lot of the time, the need to express certain thoughts, emotions, feelings or curiosities, but most importantly helping other people and children discover and explore their creative side.

Can you tell us about the process of creating your work?

I enjoy working with different mediums such as clay, paper, mosaic, digital, paint, ink, cardboard etc. It really varies, so for each piece depending on the medium, the process is different. It also depends on what head space I am in or what is driving me to create it.

What power do you think art possess?

I think art has the ability to change society and the mindset of people. It has the ability to not only make look at the world from a different perspective but also help you understand your inner self and everything around you. Sadly in most education systems, creativity is not encouraged. The education system does not always cater to students who learn differently. If the education system was more creative and encouraged students to think outside the box of only industrial type book regurgitation, the world would probably be a very different place. Art does not only function as a creative outlet but is the basis of society. To think of it only as a drawing or painting a picture is wrong. It is the root of everything and that needs to be understood more and by more people. If art was an integral part of our education system it would bring about not only social change but a change in every aspect of life.

Do you incorporate technology in your work?

I do and have many digital aspects in some of my works. Technology and art have grown and developed together so much, that it has allowed us to change our mediums of expression completely. I do not necessarily like all the aspects of social media and where it is taking society or how it is changing us to depend on it. Yet, I do believe for one to understand and learn about the digital world, one must use it before making any judgments. There are positive and negative aspects of the digital world, as there is for everything. Overall I believe it is how you approach it and whether you decide to learn to adapt with the times and grow with it and take the positive aspects of it or rather decide to shun it completely.

Who are your biggest influences?

I have so many daily influences that I can’t pinpoint one in particular. However, the one person who has throughout my life inspired me to be open to art in all different forms and continuously encouraged me to step out of my mental boundary is my mother.