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Ambitious & Bubbly

Ambitious and bubbly, Itchya Karki was born and raised in Kathmandu. In 2010, she moved to Canada where she completed her Honours Diploma in Medical Aesthetics. She also worked in Canada as a beauty therapist. After six years on foreign soil, Itchya decided to return home and start a career.

To make a foray in the fashion industry, she participated in the Super Model Nepal contest and won the title for best skin. The model then turned entrepreneur with the opening of The Beauty Bar, an exclusive beauty salon that caters to a wide range of beauty and cosmetic needs for women. She consults her clients on their skin and hair care needs besides also working as a makeup artist.

Describe yourself in 3 words
Entrepreneur, Optimistic Free-spirited.

Your biggest strength
Besides my family of course, I think I am my biggest strength. If I really want to pursue or get something done, I’ll do it no matter what it takes.

Your goal
• I want to have hundreds of branches of The Beauty Bar around the world
• Start my own beauty school
• Create my own cosmetic line
• Build an orphanage with the best educational facilities

You are happiest when…
I am around good food and baby animals

What are your wardrobe staples and what do you tend to splurge on?
I love a good pair of TNA or lulu lemon leggings and bohemian dresses, and I tend to splurge on makeup and food.

Fashion is…
What you want it to be.

You are secretly afraid of…
Negativity! It truly does rub off.

Style VS trend
Style is art. It means different things to different people whereas trend is what’s popular at this very moment.

Ten years from now…
I am going to be ruling the beauty industry!

Five things people don’t know about you:

  • I absolutely enjoy cooking and am very, very picky about food.
  • Once I am obsessed with a TV show I become a hermit and never want to leave the house.
  • My secret desire while growing up was to host a tv show on national geographic channel trying out different cuisines all around the world
  • I was vegan for three weeks; it was not difficult at all.
  • Growing up I would steal mum’s makeup and get a flashlight and a mirror put on makeup and spend hours under the blankets pretending to be in Bollywood

Quick Bytes

  • Regrets… there are a few. But it has made me who I am today.
  • Life is… full of surprises.
  • Beside your work you are … busy trying out different cuisines, doing some selective modelling projects, dancing and driving my little sister crazy (giggles!!)