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What Qualities Make The Millennial Woman?

Anil Shah
Former President – Nepal Banker’s Association, CEO – Mega Bank Nepal

In my view the core attribute that makes the millennial woman wow is the fact that women today are no longer measuring themselves by benchmarks or guidelines set by others when they measure themselves and their ‘wowness’!

It is no longer about being the perfect daughter, wife, mother, nurse, homemaker, model, actress etc. to measure up to yardsticks of ‘wowness’ created by society. For the millennial woman it’s about defining their own personal measure, not to be perceived in a particular way by someone else, no matter that someone be their parents, husband, children, friends, partner or the society at large.

The millennial woman is unique in her very own special way. She is not trying to fit in a mold created by someone else but is journeying through life evolving into the complete woman that she wants to be.And this is what makes the millennial woman truly amazing. Today when I look at my teenage daughter I don’t have the right to tell her that she needs to be a banker, doctor, engineer, homemaker, actor or anything else. Today it is for her to determine where her worth lies and how she wants to journey through life to attain it.