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Do You Care What Others Think About Your Partner?

Ankit Khanal
Program Manager

For me, other people’s opinion about my partner doesn’t matter but I know there could be times when friends and family can raise issues which could be either positive or negative. But the relationship is between her and me. Not me, my partner and all my friends and family. If we both are content in our relationship, what does it matter what people say about my partner or us?

If I am accepting of my partner, it’s my choice entirely. I would not let my happiness be bothered by someone else’s negative opinion. At the same time, I also feel there might be people who may not like my partner for various reasons, but who cares what anyone thinks? I am living my life for me and if I put my love on hold because of how it looks to others, I am sacrificing my own happiness for no reason whatsoever. Lastly, if anyone around me has got any nice things to say about my partner that would always be warm and welcoming to my ears.