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Another year of WOW’s journey – learning, evolving, sharing

We have stepped into yet another year of WOW’s journey – learning, evolving, sharing … stories of grit and passion, stories of women and men who inspire, our love for fashion and fitness, well-being and spirituality, food and travel, music and books, finance and career, love and sex, opinions and ideas… all the while challenging our thoughts even as we find the courage and joy in celebrating life.wows-journey

WOW is not limited to any one stereotype. Just as women are intrinsically similar as we are different, so are the stories that make the pages of WOW. We celebrate an offbeat career success with as much aplomb as we celebrate stay home moms and making babies.

This has been a fabulous year for women in Nepal. We have had many firsts in the prestigious offices our women hold today. From the President to the Speaker, the Chief Justice and others, we are making strides in areas of arts, sports, education, science and entrepreneurship. And we are doing it with a lot of quiet dignity and grace. Some of us may beg to differ on the choices that made it to these key positions, but ultimately we agree that it is a step forward any way.

And yet there are stories of women being beaten at home, sexually harassed, raped, sold and violated, stories of young girls being kept away from education, stories of women working twice as hard but not getting the same pay or respect, married young…children giving birth to children, hardship and hurt…

Change will take time. Change will take immense courage. Change will require women and men to come together. Change will require effort. But change will happen as long as we continue to dream and hope and work.

For all WOW readers, this is my wish for you:

  • Stop living in the shadow of lost opportunities
  • Embrace risks
  • Make conscious choices
  • Live your dream
  • Confront abuse
  • Overcome obstacles
  • Stand for what you believe in
  • Give freely
  • Love yourself
  • Find the silence within
  • Live courageously… Live in the NOW.

Until the next issue,