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Career, baby, marriage, home…. not necessarily in this order, but creating work life balance is challenging for most women today. Many struggle with guilt over not being able to give enough time to their little ones, and many struggle with their careers. While it can get seriously stressful, it is also the most rewarding role. Many of the women we spoke to about having it all said it was because of their partners love and involvement and their family’s support they were also to achive a great home, enjoy life be happy moms and career. It’s of course not without  some level of struggle, but these WOW MOMS sure  have figured out individual formulas for family happiness and work success.  Read on…

By: Sonu Yonjan Tamang

Anuza Rajbhandari Shrestha
Mother of 8 year old Aarav Shrestha
Co-founder and Managing Director of Ekadesma

The best thing about being a mother…
Motherhood is wonderful experience. For me it is a blessing that came in form of my little son. One can never know how much compassionate, patient, caring, nurturing and loving one can be until one becomes a mother. There is unconditional love in motherhood. It is amazing to put someone else’s happiness and wellbeing ahead of your own every single day. The best thing about being a mother is the feeling of completeness.

Does motherhood change your life perspective…
Motherhood has taught me intense and concentrated lessons in selflessness, compassion, humility, empathy, courage, patience and endurance. I am just not me anymore. I am a mother who looks after a son who is a part of me. Motherhood has taught me how much happiness you can get by giving others. Every decision I make is made taking into account the consequence it will have on him. It is humbling and overwhelming to feel his dependence on me and his trust in me.

How do you maintain balance between being a parent and your career?
To have a successful career while maintaining a home life is what we all strive for. Being a working mom adds to the challenges that already exist to create this balance. Some of the things I do are:
– I make my goals in a realistic manner.
– I schedule all my work and plan my meetings ahead of time.
– I make a schedule on how to spend considerable amount of time with my son.
– I make sure my husband’s present whenever I can’t be with our son.
– I leave work related issues at the office.
– I make sure I do not postpone personal goals whether it’s a holiday or adventurous trip with my son.

Challenges of being a working mother…
Behind every working mom, there is an enormous pile of responsibilities. After all, juggling work and being a mother is no cakewalk. It takes a brave spirit, kind heart and a fierce mind to meet success on both fronts.
It is often exhausting to fulfil both my responsibilities as a caring mother and a professional who performs her work with dedication. There are small sacrifices sometimes such as skipping social events or cutting down TV time. To top it all, a sick child, a bad meeting or left over household chores can really mess things up. Sometime for no fault of your own, things can seem without solution but still being a mother is worth it all!

What makes you a wow mom…
When you’re true to yourself you’ll only do things you truly believe in. And that’ll lead to more happiness, self confidence and satisfaction. I do not follow anyone’s steps, I create my own. The best thing about being me is my ability to live life to the fullest.