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Anything & Everything MAKEUP!

WOW caught up with some of Nepal’s most happening make-up artists to talk about anything and everything make-up! They love what they do, are recognised and applauded for their work, make money and transform looks. From reasons for their career choice to tips and tricks, they also share with you what their favourite brand is.

Lemii-TamangLemii Tamang

Contact: 9860275087

3 key make-up tips

  • Keep your make-up as natural as possible without layering it with lots of foundation.
  • Use primer as a base and setting spray to finish the look especially during the summer.
  • Baking/cooking the face is the in trend right now and I love it.

Career as make-up artist
When your passion and career come together, you are blessed. I never get tired of working as a makeup artist or doing anything related to the art and it’s so much fun to do it. I feel like I have the best job in the world. I’m so focused and interested in this field that I don’t see any challenges or benefits, disadvantages or advantages. I simply accept it and continue my work no matter what. I don’t know if it’s a good or bad.

If there’s just one cosmetic brand you could use…
MAC cosmetics.

5 beautiful faces
Everyone’s beautiful in their own way and as a makeup artist, I like almost every face. They’re all like different canvases. Nevertheless, there are certain attributes that I love. My favourites are dusky girls, Korean girls have the cutest face, and strong jaw lines and sharp featured faces. Brazilian models have the sexiest face ever, and then Nepali girls who I think are the prettiest of all.