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Anything & Everything MAKEUP!

WOW caught up with some of Nepal’s most happening make-up artists to talk about anything and everything make-up! They love what they do, are recognised and applauded for their work, make money and transform looks. From reasons for their career choice to tips and tricks, they also share with you what their favourite brand is.

payal-ThapaPayal Thapa

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3 key make-up tips

  • Eyebrows frame the face, and the beauty world has certainly taken that to heart in the past year or so. Bold brows are definitely here to stay for some time, but even if you don’t have naturally thick brows that doesn’t mean you can’t get in on the trend.
  • Dark lipstick can be intimidating and high-maintenance, but there’s no better time to figure out how to wear it than winter. I would say colours like Berries and Plums, which have red in it.
  • If you’ve been skipping eyeliner in favour of sticking to a few swipes of mascara, this year it’s time for you to be brave and experiment a little. Just remember that practice makes perfect

Career as a make-up artist
A professional make-up artist is in high demand and this is becoming more and more popular as a career choice. I do think a lot of this is due to how easy the job can look! Well don’t be fooled by this. Make-up artists can start by working for an organisation such as I did. I finished my course and started assisting my teacher for a while and then started working for Make Up Forever in Mumbai then CHANEL approached me and now I have my studio Stellaria. I suggest work under a good brand for more exposure and knowledge and then take on freelance work.

It’s very similar to the profession of an artist as it is very creative and interesting and something different and new every day. We get to see the results of our work immediately and always get a feeling of satisfaction to see happy clients! The best part about a photo shoot/music video make-up is when you get the images of your work in your email box. This is again a chance to show your skills to the world (which is a real important thing as a make-up artist).

Although it’s not so tough to enter this field, the competition between make-up artists is very high at the moment. Hence, I suggest others to be assertive and creative and get yourself noticed!

If there’s just one cosmetic product you could use…
The only cosmetic product I would use after my skincare routine is my eyebrow corrector.

One brand you believe in
I love different products from different brands. But if I had to choose just one, it would be Chanel because I have worked with the brand for three years and seen very closely that Chanel is a true luxury brand in all aspects from make-up to skin care to fragrances. All in all a true Chanel experience.

5 beautiful faces
Mila Kunis, Deepika Padukone, Jessica Alba, Megan Fox and Sushmita Sen