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Anything & Everything MAKEUP!

WOW caught up with some of Nepal’s most happening make-up artists to talk about anything and everything make-up! They love what they do, are recognised and applauded for their work, make money and transform looks. From reasons for their career choice to tips and tricks, they also share with you what their favourite brand is.Sizi-Thapa

Sizi Thapa

3 key make-up tips

  • The base is very important therefore apply foundation of the right tone. If you have good clean skin, please don’t cake your face with makeup just because it’s in trend. Experiment with makeup because we all have different facial structures. It’s not true that if someone looks beautiful with a certain type of makeup that you will look good in it too.
  • Contouring is absolutely in trend right now but learn to blend make-up well because no one wants to see sharp lines.
  • Highlighting is also something to consider. Understand your features and focus better on one thing while applying makeup – either the eyes or lips. For example – eyes with electric green liner and nude lips, or eyes with only mascara with dark burgundy lipstick.

Career as makeup artist
I definitely love what I do because it simply makes me happy. Make-up is so vast. I do all kinds of makeup here. So I am basically everywhere for magazine photo shoots, clothing lines, movies, stage plays, music videos and yes, I teach basic make-up as well.
It is challenging as I have to be updated about all the latest makeup trends. It’s great because I get to do what I am passoniate about. Being a certified professional make-up artist, it’s sometimes quite disappointing when my peers do makeup for free just to be noticed or to be in the limelight. I truly believe it is unfair for those who are really good at their job and have worked very hard to reach where they are today but cannot afford to do things free for publicity.
They also say one has to socialise a lot to be known which I don’t understand. It makes me want to question whether they want to be just popular or good makeup artists.

If there’s just one cosmetic product you could use…
It’s the bronzer from Estée Lauder because I love the dusky look!

One brand you believe in
Make Up For Ever

5 beautiful faces
OMG, I should be allowed more than five, perhaps thousands! Well looking at it commercially, it would be Angelina Jolie, Monica Bellucci, Gigi Hadid, Haifa Wehbe and Halle Berry.