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Anything & Everything MAKEUP!

WOW caught up with some of Nepal’s most happening make-up artists to talk about anything and everything make-up! They love what they do, are recognised and applauded for their work, make money and transform looks. From reasons for their career choice to tips and tricks, they also share with you what their favourite brand is.

Sudeshna-Bista-vrSudeshna Bista

Contact: 9803073353

3 key make-up tips

  • If you don’t get the base right, all the effort you put into other make-up afterwards will go to waste.
  • I always recommend wearing up make-up according to occasion also taking the part of the day you’re putting it on for into consideration. The whole point of make-up is trying to look your best as well as to leave a good impression on the people you come across.
  • Although it is necessary to wash your face and apply moisturiser with upwards strokes to help lessen fine lines and sagging face, you might want to try the opposite for foundation and powder. Most of us have a little bit of hair on the face, and it tends to grow downwards. So if you apply your make-up with upward strokes, it will cause your facial hair to stick straight up and make it more noticeable.

Career as make-up artist
It is very challenging. We are always striving to give our best to our clients. Every new client is a challenge because we need to work on different features of each individual. Needless to say, all the great results we get out of it contribute to our goodwill which ultimately increases our clientele. The current tough competition pushes us to learn new things and be innovative. In earlier days, taking a beautician training and other vocational courses were suggested as a hobby or career option for those who were weak in their formal education. Even I joined this field in a similar way, despite me not being completely interested.

I was told that whatever skill you learn will forever be with you and take you a long way. I may not have been here willingly at first but looking back, I feel I have chosen the right path. I am fully satisfied.

If there’s just one cosmetic product you could use…
Lipstick because even if you can’t put on much makeup especially when you’re in a hurry, it sort of lightens up your face. Somehow, it tends to complete your look.

One brand you believe in
I’m all in for the MAC lipsticks.

5 beautiful faces
I find every individual beautiful in their own way.