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A movie or song that best describes your life…

Araaj Keshav
Proprietor, Araaj Keshav Films

My debut movie title ‘Birkheylai Chinchhas’ (Can a common man be a hero?) relates to my struggles in life. The name ‘Birkhey’ is a common name among Nepalese and the movie talks about the common man’s fight in life. I am doing the same but my job is to entertain audiences and I am struggling to achieve that. I have tried singing, writing stories, acting, directing… and this movie’s title aptly resembles my life’s struggle.

If I were to choose a song, it would be from my upcoming movie ‘Jallo’. The song not only relates to my life, I think it is relevant to every person. We all are on the run to earn money, but everyone knows we came into this world empty handed and leave likewise. This line from the song pierces through my heart… ‘मरे पछी तेरो खोजी हुँदैन, सेतो कात्रोमा हेर गोजी हुँदैन, याद राख, फैलाऊ प्रेमको जालो …’