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Are apps ruining our capacity to think?

Compiled by: Anushka Shrestha
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Rahul Agrawal
Director, Siddhartha Group

It’s like saying due to information being readily available on Wikipedia, we are going to have a lower number of doctors or lawyers. I don’t think this is necessarily true. The internet and apps have allowed us to access vital data and information from across the world. Vital information that people would have never accessed in their lifetimes is now available in a matter of minutes.

Of course, as we become more technologically involved, we are going to be very dependent on apps. For example, it’s clear that due to usage of the ‘calculator’ app we are less able to calculate numbers in our mind. Despite such cons, I believe that it allows us to concentrate on things that actually need our attention, and even find time for things that we enjoy (not all of us enjoy math). I think apps ease life and it is up to us to prioritise where else we can utilise the time and effort saved by such technologies.

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Aditya Sharma
Owner, Amrapali Banquet Catering & Events and Anmol Catering Service

One must ultimately accept technology to stay ahead in the game. I feel technology is just an added benefit. As for apps ruining our capacity to think, I feel that it may be true to a certain context but then again, it makes life easier for us all. For instance, there used to be a time when I remembered the phone numbers of at least 40 people and now I don’t even bother to think.

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Binita Shrestha
CEO, Women in STEM Nepal

Apps can be found everywhere. Whether they are free, native or premium to our devices, we are allowing it to ease and manage our needs. As our work demands a different approach and we being conscious that there’s nothing more valuable than time, the use of apps is increasing to get things done faster. From social problem solving to creative development apps, health to entertainment apps, we have apps for almost everything that’s creating dependency. However, some apps like social media and game apps can be addictive and we might not be using it correctly. Having said that, I don’t think apps are ruining our capacity to think because humanity has developed apps for the betterment of society. For instance, in our space, we have been using a number of apps in the education sector for children that connects higher education with the real world encouraging them to be more creative and build on their imagination.

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Pavitra Bahadur Gautam
CEO and Co-founder, Karkhana

As an engineer and educator myself, I am not a big advocate of screen time but the world around us is so connected with the internet that it is very difficult to get away from it. As an entrepreneur, I am very supportive of the use of apps which expands human limits. I think the biggest challenge lies within us as humans and these things are subject to human flaws. For example, wine has health benefits when taken moderately, but when one exceeds limits, it can affect adversely. I am personally trying to reduce my phone screen time. I have only been successful at bringing it down to two hours a day.

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Richa Rajbhandari
Founder, The Mint Studio

As the world around us evolves, we have to evolve and adapt accordingly. Apps, I feel, has made our lives efficient more than dependent. In this fast paced world, having apps to do my bank work, house chores, office duties has made life bearable. Especially as an entrepreneur I find myself juggling with a lot of things at once so multi-tasking has definitely become easier now. I worry less, work more, and my to-do lists are finally complete by the end of the day. But apart from work, my social life has also become easier. Talking to a friend when in need is just a call away. Missing familiar faces while travelling has become obsolete due to apps that have video calls. Everything is at the reach of my hand and I love it.

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Piroo Rana Magar

I personally think dating apps has made it easy to connect with your potential match which is a good thing since people are too busy to find real love these days. But what happens is you get too many options that might just confuse you later. After all, why settle on one match when there may be someone better just a swipe away? Apps can be a real time saver and I use it a lot myself. I don’t think they are bad but being dependent on them is bad. It can never take away your thinking capacity unless you have control over how much and how often you use it. Too much of anything will have an effect on you and the same goes with apps. The problem of this generation however is they get too indulged in social media and they let their world revolve around it. So it is all about understanding that apps do make life easier but that it is not your whole life. Put down your phone and try to enjoy life with real people and make real connections.