WOW | What You Think


Compiled by: Pabita Dahal

Vijay Lama
Captain/Spokesperson, Nepal Airlines

People invite thousands of guests and spend lavishly at their weddings just to flaunt their class and status. Whereas, the only things that should matter in a wedding are emotions, affection, blessings and a sense of familial connection. Inviting thousands of guests who don’t even know the bride and groom does not help the future of the newly-weds in any way. I request all parents not to waste money on exorbitant parties. It’s best to hand over the money to the newly married couple so they can use it in their honeymoon and make beautiful memories. 

Talking about my marriage, there were only family members and close relatives. I conducted my marriage in a very simple way following all the Hindu rituals. We cannot exactly predict an ideal budget as it depends on people’s capability to spend and the number of family and relatives. From my perception and experience, I have come to the conclusion that we cannot satisfy all guests by throwing a lavish party (they don’t stop back biting); so, it’s best to make it a private affair and conduct it traditionally and systematically.