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Excitement is palpable as the festivals approach. People from all corners of the country are counting the minutes to spend quality time relaxing and celebrating Dashain and Tihar among loved ones. But is the festive holiday season EQUALLY FUN? WOW’s Aakriti Maya asks a range of intelligent and spirited Nepali men on how gender roles play out during the holidays and whether or not there is gender-based discrimination during the festivals that are based on feminine divinity.

Bhuwan KC
Movie Director, Producer, Actor

Though in today’s day and age gender roles are more interchangeable than they used to be, gender discrimination still exists during Dashain and Tihar. The job of cooking the family’s favourite dishes, buying clothes, preparing for pujas and taking care of all the household chores is still majorly the responsibility of women. It becomes their job to create the festive atmosphere for everyone else to enjoy. On the other hand, it is more common for men in the family to be the primary if not sole income generator of the household. Hence, the task of financing the affair falls on the men. The essence of the holidays is to spend time with family eating delicious food, flaunting new clothes and visiting exciting places, and to do this every family needs to have a budget. That’s why the bulk of the pressure often falls on the shoulders of men during the holidays.

At this point in my life, I have inherited the responsibility of hosting Dashain and Tihar from my father. However, things are certainly changing. In the past, women were limited to being housewives but today we live in a time when responsibilities are shared between the genders. I want Dashain and Tihar to reflect this, with all the roles being divided from cooking to financing.

A change I would love to see in today’s society is for every member of the household to contribute, in whatever way they can from small children to sons, to daughters-in-law.

(Bhuwan K.C. is currently producing a football-based movie Captain with son starring son, Anmol K.C.)