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Excitement is palpable as the festivals approach. People from all corners of the country are counting the minutes to spend quality time relaxing and celebrating Dashain and Tihar among loved ones. But is the festive holiday season EQUALLY FUN? WOW’s Aakriti Maya asks a range of intelligent and spirited Nepali men on how gender roles play out during the holidays and whether or not there is gender-based discrimination during the festivals that are based on feminine divinity.

Cabinet Shrestha
Managing Director, Agni Inc.

In my family, Dashain is the time to spend quality time together. All of us relax and celebrate together so there is no gender-based discrimination as the whole family is involved. The fact that women have a more active role during the holidays has to do with the structure of our entire religion. Women tend to do a lot more work than men, from doing household chores to participating in the puja and preparing food for guests.In our culture, women work much harder and men relax; these gender roles cannot be ignored. I feel that the entire family should get involved in both the festivities and the preparation for the festivities, only then can we truly call Dashain and Tihar a family event. In my house, I try to help out wherever I can.