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Are women more emotional than men?

Compiled by: Pabita Dahal
wow photo file © Ram Tandukar/ Gokul Shrees

Mahir  Malla
Vice Chairperson, Heritage at Mallaj

In both Western and Eastern cultures people stereotype that women are more emotional than men. I do not believe in this because emotions are just feelings. Every person has emotions, the only difference is some might express and others might suppress. So, I don’t think I can point out which gender is more emotional but yes I can say that it is fine to be emotional. There is nothing wrong if a man cries when he is hurt and there is nothing wrong if a woman cries when she is hurt. I feel it is better to show your emotions so that people can understand what you are going through.

Bijay Gautam
CEO and Chief of Design, House of Bijay Gautam Designs

We should not stereotype. The world has always expected men to be strong. So, men hide their emotions assuming that showing emotions can be deemed as a question on their masculinity, which is wrong. Women are more emotionally aware, they are gifted with that power to see and feel things differently which also makes them more tolerant than men.

Men have an emotional side but they do not openly talk about it. They are very guarded so that nobody considers them as weak or emotional. Men suffering from mental stress has become a huge topic of discussion today. I think this is also because men do not seek help as easily and openly. Now, it is time to change. All human beings living on this planet have an emotional side that what makes us who we are. We should never be ashamed of being emotional because these emotions are a pure reflection of our internal thinking and system.

Pramod Agrahari

Women are more expressive of their emotions than men, and that emotional side is the strongest point by which they protect their children and family with abundant love and care. I think emotion in a woman is the most powerful thing.

Sajal Joshi
Co-founder & CEO, Helmets Nepal

I believe both men and women are equally emotional. Women are more expressive with their emotions while men are taught to hide their emotions from childhood. I think it is good that women can openly express their emotions because suppressing emotion can cause a lot of mental health issues which is one of the major causes for higher suicidal rate among men in comparison to women. Open expression of emotions helps people to be more in-tune with their emotional intelligence which is very helpful in many aspects: be it in relationship, career or business.

As an entrepreneur, I believe having good emotional intelligence is crucial to run a business. After all, emotional intelligence is all about self-care, self-awareness and self-control. Making decisions based on logic may help one to become a good manager but being able to make decisions based on both logic and emotion can help one become a good leader. Therefore, I believe every organisation should have both logical and emotional men and women leading side by side to make a good combination.

Sirish Gurung
National Swimmer

I don’t think women are more emotional than men. Many famous men have been emotional and used their feelings to further their ambition. We look up to men in movies, literary works of art, and music who are able to capture our emotions and make us feel and we admire these artists. These men have a great range of emotions, and yet we call women more emotional. Why? Men and women have different hormones that invite an equal emotional reaction. Men have testosterone as a driver for emotions and women have estrogen. They both provoke emotions in any situation. They just show it in a different way. It would be more accurate to say that they have different reactions to the same situation.

Pradeep Pandey
Psychiatrist, Alka Hospital

Emotion is a facial expression that we give in a specific situation. It can be sadness, happiness, surprise, fear, etc. We all express emotions in every moment of life. Different people can feel different emotions in the same situation. We can’t assume that women express more emotion than men but I feel that people of the same gender somehow feel the same emotion.
But we can say women might express more depressive emotion due to family and social dynamics. Their role inside the house and in the external world is quite challenging. They also have fluctuations of emotions during the menstrual cycle, pregnancy and in postmenopausal phase due to hormonal disturbances. We need to support and understand women’s inner feelings so that we can prevent them from being depressed and anxious in life.