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Dev Rana, 65


Dev Rana is better known as a legendary drummer for one of Nepal’s first ever official rock ‘n’ roll band. At an early age Rana was influenced by Western music. He was born in Malaysia and went to the British School where he had classmates from all over the world here he developed a taste for music

Moving back to Nepal in the 70’s, Dev Rana found himself heavily immersed in the hippie culture that was gaining popularity in Kathmandu. Though he had learnt to play the guitar at school, Rana found himself playing the drums move.

During the 70’s his life revolved around music and hanging out with friends. When the Prism band was formed, their gigs turned into professional performances where they were paid to play at different locations and gained popularity among the public. Some of his greatest musical influences include Ringo Starr, Mitch Mitchell and Dave Weckel. Today Rana says that his biggest achievement in life has been the fact that he has been able to do what he loves … and to be able to still do it! He says, “In life you need passion. Life can be fulfilling when you can pursue your passion”.

Recently he faced the tragic loss of his only son. Now he believes that he is here for a purpose and will continue to live one day at a time making the most of each day. “There is no point in fearing death. One should face life as it comes,” he says quietly.

Rana continues to live life to his own rhythm, playing and teaching music with deep passion.