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THE ART OF AGEING WELL – Krishna Kumar Gurung, 50

Krishna Kumar Gurung, 50

Founding President/Director of the Kevin Rohan Memorial Eco Foundation

Krishna Gurung is a busy man. His day starts at 5 am with no set timing of when it would end. As a young man, Krishna Gurung always had the passion to serve his community. As the Founder & Director of the Kevin Rohan Memorial Eco Foundation, an NGO that aims to create a healthy, sustainable environment that embodies eco-friendly practices for the well-being of local communities, he has achieved just that.

Born and raised in Kathmandu, he completed his higher education in India, coming back to Nepal and working with different organisations. An avid footballer in his younger days, when asked what his favourite age is, he replies, “Every age had its own charm”.

The tragic passing of his son led Krishna Gurung to start KRMEF to honour his memory in March 2010. At a time of great personal loss and grief, Gurung was able to create something from his pain in a way that benefitted others. He has dedicated his life to the foundation. He shares, “Positive thinking can change your life and the life of others. There is and always will be a chance for transformation”. If he could give advice to anyone going through times of personal loss and trial, it would be that one should never be disappointed, life happens and there is always light at the end of the tunnel.

KRMEF helps the marginalised empower themselves through education, health services, knowledge on sustainable living, farming and business. His passion to help people has only increased with the passing years, and he feels a greater responsibility to serve his community.

The KRMEF has become his biggest achievement and he is grateful for all the working relationships he makes as he continues his work… relationships that have evolved from marginalised strangers to become friends and family. He is currently working to ensure that the foundation becomes Kathmandu’s eco hub.