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THE ART OF AGEING WELL – Mahendra Nath Rai

Mahendra Nath Rai, 60

Rtd Government Official

Mahendra Nath Rai worked as a civil servant in the water and resources department and has recently retired. Now he is committed to social service. Growing up in a village, acquiring a Masters degree in Political Science and thereafter getting into government service was not easy, but Rai pursued his career goals with a strong focus and determination.

In the last two years, Mahendra Nath Rai has begun to look after an ageing neighbour who was diagnosed with Alzheimers. Though not related by blood, he felt compassion and responsible for this lady. Helping her, he has understood better that life is not only about yourself, it is also the good you do beyond yourself. At 58, he is grateful that he now has the time to dedicate himself to the community… to others in need. “Often we correlate success to money and stature. And when we only focus on these components, the need to serve others gets lost”.

He says, “Change is necessary for growth and improvement and the Western society has made great advancement in technology, education, civil society, etc that ultimately benefits everyone. It is always good to learn and emulate these ideals but it’s also equally important not to forget our cultural identity.” He adds, “It’s important for the young and the old to communicate and bridge the generational gap.”

Mahendra Nath Rai lives with the affirmation that when one does good to others, it will be reciprocated.