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THE ART OF AGEING WELL – Narbada Rai Thapa

Narbada Rai Thapa, 60

Retired Educator, Homemaker

Narbada Rai Thapa takes pride in looking after her family. Her face lights up when she talks about her children and their achievements, particularly about her daughter, Santoshi’s incredible enterprise, the Bihani Social Venture. Narbada Rai Thapa thoroughly enjoys being part of Bihani as it allows her to engage in various activities and socialise with peers. As a former educator, she ran a school in India prior to living and taking care of her family in Nepal. She’s a busybody that has made her family her priority and could not be happier.

She believes that the youth today need to remember to respect their elders and actually see them as an asset for their future. She believes that although times have drastically changed, it is pivotal for the younger generation to realise that one day everyone will grow old, and “If the youth today do not know how to treat the elderly, what can they expect when they grow old?”

Whether its gardening, cleaning or watching TV, Narmada Rai Thapa is a satisfied woman and lives for the happiness of her family whom she loves so dearly.